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This site offers you a free, step-by-step, comprehensive, child centred, fun filled and easy to follow phonic programme made up of sequential, progressive lessons.

If you are a teacher, or a parent wishing to home school your child or compliment your child’s school reading programme, this site offers you an exciting,  ready to use Phonic Programme, written by an experienced teacher.

To discover all its treasures I encourage you to take the time to read all that is offered in this programme.

To maintain interest and offer a variety of challenges the lessons are varied and a comprehension exercise follows each lesson.

Each unique lesson is accompanied with detailed tutor notes which offer maximum benefit for the students  and make the programme easy and enjoyable for parents, teachers and tutors.

If you choose you can follow the programme lesson by lesson, but each lesson stands alone so you can pick and choose what is appropriate for your situation.

The tutor notes and lessons also offer suggestions for integrating this phonic (reading) programme into other  learning areas. Spelling, Handwriting, Writing, Punctuation and Reading Comprehension are integrated into these Phonic Packs. Suggestions are offered for integrating these lessons into other learning areas such as Art, Craft, Physical Education, Science and Health.

Special Day reading activity sheets are also offered eg Easter, Christmas, Anzac Day, Remembrance Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

To find the following books and activities click below or head to the links in the site header (above):
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My Dictionary
Pre Reading Sheets
Five Little Reading Books (emphasising the medial sounds a,e,i,o and u)    
Twelve Little Reading Books (emphasising colour words)
Five Little Reading Books (emphasising the digraphs ‘ch’, ‘ck’, ‘wh’, ‘th’ and ‘ee’)

The following reading activities are integrated into other learning areas.

To access these lessons click on the headings at the top of this page.

      • Easter Activities
      •  Mothers’ Day Activities
      •  Anzac Day Activities
      •  Remembrance Day Activities
      •  Christmas – Reading for a purpose lessons, craft activities.

I encourage you to read what is offered in all Phonic Packs to discover all the treasures to be found in this programme.