Activites – What is in The Easter Egg Booklet

What is in the Easter Egg Booklet? &

What is the Difference Sheet

Each child will enjoy making a “What is inside this Easter Egg” Booklet.

This Easter Activity integrates reading for a purpose, comprehension, art and craft, following instructions, development of fine motor skills, English (discuss the use of the question mark, use a full stop), Oral English (class and group discussions), Mathematics (spatial awareness), Physical Education (bunny hop like the Easter Rabbit), Society and Environment (the celebration of Easter and Easter symbols).

During this Easter activity each child chooses ‘which one is different’?

Being able to ‘recognise the difference’ is an important pre reading skill.

It is also important for the child to be given practise at orally expressing her/himself by being able to confidently state why it is different.

Download What is in this Easter Egg & Which one is different here