Activities – Anzac Day

Anzac Day

  • Information Reading Sheet

  • Photos

  • Anzac Biscuit Recipe

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This Anzac Day Project provides the opportunity for learning activities designed to help students understand that events and practices of the past have shaped our culture and democratic values, and that celebrating specific events is important to our sense of unity and belonging. Students will be encouraged to be active citizens and make a positive contribution to society. Students will realize that people’s past experiences may influence how they view a particular place. Students will investigate a historical event in order to understand the people, ideas and events that have helped to shape our nation.

This activity integrates Reading with Society and Environment, Mathematics and Art.
It can easily be integrated into your English programme.

The children:

  • read the information sheet about Anzac Day.
  • observe and discuss the (8) photos
  • read and follow the recipe to make Anzac Biscuits.