Activities – My Easter Book

Easter Reading Activities:
1. Easter – Little Book (for children to make and read)
2. Easter Riddles

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Download Easter Activities – Little Book & Riddles (including tutor notes) here

Easter in the Classroom
Easter is an exciting time and an excellent theme to have in the classroom as Easter approaches.
So many Easter activities can be integrated into the learning areas in your programme – reading, writing, maths, cooking, art, craft, literature, social studies…

It is good to begin your Easter Theme three or four weeks before the Easter break so best use can be made of the children’s interest and your classroom will look attractive with the colourful displays.

A delightful Easter Story to read to the children is,
“The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes”
by Du Bose Heyward
pictures by Marjorie Hack
published by Scholastic Book Services

Hint for teachers/tutors: (suggestion only)
Because of the multicultural background of the children in my classroom I always send a note to parents before I begin the activities. I find parents appreciate the communication and talking with the parents eliminates any anxieties they may have. The note varies from year to year but the following is an example. You can vary it to fit in with your programme. I have my programme organised before I send the note home so that I can show the activities to any parents who come for an interview.

Your Principal may wish to view the note before you send it home.
Dear Parents,

During the next few weeks we will be covering the Easter Theme in our classroom. It will be part of many of our activities eg reading, maths, cooking, art, craft and literature.

These activities will involve the Easter Bunny, Easter Chicken, Easter Eggs and an Easter Card.
I will be reading the story called, “The Country Bunny and Little Gold Shoes.”

We will not be covering any religious aspects of Easter. This will be covered during Scripture classes.

Please sign the form below, giving your child permission to be involved in these activities.

If you have any queries or concerns please come and discuss them with me.


(your signature)


I am happy for my child   __________________________________________________

to be involved in classroom Easter activities.

SIGNATURE      ______________________________________