Activities – Surprise Easter Gift Box

Download the Easter Box Activity (including tutor notes) here

Each child will enjoy making a surprise Easter Gift Box.

This Easter Activity integrates reading for a purpose, comprehension, extending reading vocabulary, following instructions, problem solving, art and craft, fine motor skills, maths, spelling, hand writing and writing (messages) and being encouraged to produce work of a personal best standard.

Reading, understanding and following written instructions is an important comprehension skill for children to master.

Putting in the effort to produce a carefully crafted Easter Box develops pride in one’s work. Children realise that good results are often the product of effort.

The children follow instructions as per the student work sheets to make an Easter Box to give to a relative or friend. A short message and/or gift is put inside the box.

Using the student’s work sheets help keep the child on task and encourages the child to work independently.


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