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Integrating Phonics into Other Subject Areas

A comprehensive phonic programme includes integrating activities into other subject areas.
Some beneficial ways of how this can be done are included in the activities and detailed Tutor Notes in

As soon as a child can read (even though his/her reading vocabulary is limited and includes only simple words and phrases) she/he should be given access to little reading books which expose the child to sentences/stories he/she can read.

A successful reading programme supplements phonic learning with the recognition of sight words. Sight words are words that the child can’t sound out eg here, come. For this reason I have included lessons which introduce common sight words.

It is important for a child to be able to comprehend what she/he is reading, so I have integrated short comprehension exercises in to the lessons.

As each single sound is introduced in Phonic Pack One the letter formation for writing this sound is introduced. It is so easy to integrate handwriting and the correct letter formation with your phonic lesson.

Using phonic activities to give the child a purpose for writing is also an important part of this programme. Learning to think and write in sentences is covered. Simple punctuation is covered.
As the phonic packs progress small story writing is suggested, as is Report Writing.

Different topics and lessons integrate with Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health, Spelling, Art and Craft, Using a Dictionary …

A systematic phonic programme which integrates into other learning areas is not easy to organise. It is my hope the lessons, activities and Tutor Notes in will help teachers achieve this task.

Time is also a factor in the classroom so I have tried to make the lessons short and to the point.

Happy Reading,
Glenys Deutscher.