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A Sequential, Phonic Programme Written for Teachers to Use in Their Classrooms

A quality, sequential, easy to use phonics programme is hard to find.

I have written this programme because I could not find a Phonic Programme that I could easily use as the major focus of my overall reading programme.

Time is precious in the classroom and lessons need to be focussed, short and interesting.

It is my hope that teachers will find the lessons invaluable as they progressively and systematically work through a direct phonic programme.

If you are just starting out on your teaching journey you may find the detailed Tutor Notes, which I have written to accompany each lesson, invaluable.

The lessons also cover comprehension skills, the writing of sentences, encourage using correct spelling of words and neat presentation of work.

Suggestions for easily integrating the lessons into other learning areas are included.

The lessons are sequential and this phonic programme is written to be used lesson by lesson.
This means it is a phonic programme already written for you. (How good is that!)
However, the lessons do stand alone and you can pick and choose to use them as you wish.

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