Phonic Pack 8

Phonic Pack 8

Phonic Pack 8: consists of 18 lessons. It has been written for children who are already competent readers, therefore no flash cards have been included. Lists of words covered for each sound have been included at the end of Phonic Book 8 for practise, revision and reference for correct spelling during writing activities. Children benefit from studying a sound in isolation and then in context.

Activities are included so children receive practise at writing the words which encourages improved reading, spelling and writing outcomes.

Comprehension exercises are included. It is so important that children understand what they read.

The lessons cover ‘ey’ as in chimney, silent ‘h’ as in ghost,      ‘the’ as in breathe, ‘ain’ as in fountain, ‘eer’ as in deer,          silent ‘g’ as in gnome, silent ‘t’ as in whistle, silent ‘l’ as in palm and silent ‘c’ as in scissors.

Phonic Pack 8 includes:

  • student phonic work book
  • contents page
  • notes for the tutor
  • alphabet reference sheets
  • an honour certificate to present to the child as a reward for completing Phonic Pack 8.
  • plot profiles and graph to use with activities

Click the thumbnails above to see example pages from Phonic Pack 8 .

Download Phonic Pack Eight (Full) here

Phonic Pack Eight:

  • Follows on from Phonic Pack Seven.
  • The lessons are set out in sequence, continuing this Phonic Programme.
  • Detailed tutor notes are included.
  • The lessons cover:
    • A story entitled ‘The Valley of Dreams’ introduces ‘ey’ as in chimney.
    • A story entitled ‘A Ghastly Group of Ghosts’ introduces silent ‘h’ as in ghost.
    • Other sounds covered are ‘the’ as in breathe, ‘ain’ as in fountain, ‘eer’ as in deer, silent ‘g’ as in gnome, silent ‘t’ as in whistle, silent ‘l’ as in palm and silent ‘c’ as in scissors.
  • Comprehension exercises and/or word studies have been included in each lesson.
  • Extension exercises have been suggested to extend the brighter child and/or to integrate the learning into other learning areas.Phonic Pack Eight consists of:
  • one Student Phonic Work Book consisting of 18 lessons (43 pages.) 
  • detailed tutor notes which make it easy to introduce and present the lessons. These notes will be especially useful for parents and inexperienced teachers who are seeking guidance in teaching children how to read.
  • a lesson schedule which sets the  programme out lesson by sequential  lesson.  All the hard work has been done for you, just follow the lesson sequence as suggested. 
  • a reference sheet showing the correct formation for each letter –  this can be used to remind children how to form the letters correctly and to help with the learning of the alphabet. 
  • an honour certificate to present to the child when the lessons are completed  to provide positive recognition of  the hard work the child has put in to covering the lessons.
  • a plot profile and a graph profile to be used with selected activities.

Phonic Pack Eight is available in

  • a soft copy for direct download or
  • hard copies can be ordered separately – contact us for details.