Resources – Planet Kreaton

Planet Kreaton

(Kreaton is an imaginery planet)

This activity presents the children with a challenging read and draw activity. Each child is given the instructions and draws what she/he reads.

It is important for a child to be able to comprehend what he/she is reading.

Read and draw activities help develop a child’s comprehension skills.

“Let’s go to Kreaton” offers a complex comprehension activity and could be given to the more mature readers in your class as an extension activity. They will need a reasonable amount of time to satisfactorily and successfully complete this task. They will need to work on a sheet no smaller than A3.

This activity appeals to the child’s imagination.

Give each child an activity sheet. Read through the instructions with the children. Let them work the exercise with as little help as possible.

Observing how each child tackles and completes this activity can provide you with valuable information for your records.

Two worksheets (one more difficult than the other) have been included for this activity. Choose the one which is appropriate for your purposes.

Download  Planet Kreaton (including tutor notes)  here