The Christmas Tree – reading for a purpose integrated with art/craft

         The Christmas Tree.          This is the cover page for a 6 chapter Christmas story. Peruse this post to find out about the lessons/activities associated with this story and how you can print (free) for immediate use.

Christmas is such an exciting time in the classroom. Come November and the whole classroom programme can be integrated into the Christmas Theme.              The children are highly motivated to embrace the interesting activities (covert learning).

The lessons in this post are centred around the story titled ‘The Christmas Tree’. The story is divided into six chapters. Each chapter and its corresponding activity are designed to be covered in one lesson. However, you may find that one lesson takes more than one day to complete. Allow plenty of time.

A cover page has been included so that the story can be made into a booklet.

The children who complete an activity early could:

– colour in the words on the title page

-draw pictures/decorate the title page

-draw pictures for each chapter.

-quietly read books in the Christmas Corner


To print the (free) lessons scroll down to the end of the post. 


The activities included in this series of lessons integrate into many Learning Areas:

      Reading, comprehension, reading and following instructions, working co-operatively, Art/Craft, 

      use of materials, safety when using materials, practising fine motor skills, Health and Safety,

      Writing, Mathematics.

You can use the story ‘The Christmas Tree’ to reinforce grammar and punctuation.

Ask the children to look for:

  • words that are contracted (eg it’s, don’t)
  • compound words (eg wheelbarrow, pancakes)
  • when and why question marks are used
  • when quotation marks are used.

Ask the children to:

  • read, with expression, the words that are in quotation marks.
  • think of words which could have been used instead of the word ‘said’.

Many other activities could flow from these activities:

Writing     Children could write a letter to Father Christmas, a Christmas story of their own,

a piece entitled “My Best Christmas” or “I Went for a Ride on Santa’s Sleigh”, a poem

about why they like Christmas (the list is endless)

Music        Christmas carols and Christmas songs (children love adding simple percussion)

Drama        Divide into groups and make up a sketch about Father Christmas in his workshop with

his helpers or use some other Christmas theme – let each group choose their own story


Art/Craft    Make props for the sketches.

Listening and Speaking         Present the sketches to the rest of the class, to parents, at a school


The following four images are a sample from the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

Each lesson includes the next chapter in the story, a student work sheet and an art/craft activity.

Work Sheet for the lantern – Chapter 3
Name Tags – craft sheet
The Christmas Tree – Chapter 6
The Christmas Tree – Chapter 4











Just a thought:

You could initiate the Christmas Theme into your classroom by brainstorming the class and develop a Christmas Word Bank. This can be added to over time.

If children have their own personal dictionary (see “My Dictionary” category on the home page of ) a word bank with the most common Christmas words is useful and then add other words to each dictionary as required for each child.

It is useful to organise a bulk loan of Christmas books from your library. Not only will you find them useful but the children who complete their work early can sit quietly reading in the Christmas Corner.


  • click on the heading of the pages you wish to print
  • click on the (one) image and wait for the pdf file to come up

The Christmas Tree – (the 6 chapters to the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

A Christmas Tree – the art, craft activity sheets to work following chapter 1 of the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

The Star – the art/craft activity sheets to work following chapter 2 of the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

The Lantern – the art/craft activity sheets to work following chapter 3 of the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

A Christmas Bauble – the art,craft activity sheets to work following chapter 4 of the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

White Christmas Cups – a recipe to follow chapter 5 of the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.

Name Tags – the art/craft activity sheets to follow chapter 6 of the story ‘The Christmas Tree’.


I hope the children in your care enjoy this story and the art/craft/cooking activities.

I wish you a Happy Christmas and a (well earned) restful holiday,

Glenys Deutscher.